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Management homework help

Review and self-edit your completed draft

Term Project: Parts I, II, III,  References and Statement of Audience

Please include the followings in your submission:

            Cover page
         I. Thesis and Introduction
      III. Thesis explication: three sections
       V. Conclusion
follow this outline of a rubric:

  1. Grading Rubric (100 points total):

Research Paper
● Has a clear thesis (5)
● Provides evidence from the research to support the three points of that thesis (15)
● The three sections of the paper analyze the evidence provided in terms of the thesis
uses at least 8 sources (20)
● Clear organization of main and supporting points (10)
● Begins with a clear Introduction and ends with a clear Conclusion.(10)
Academic Style
● Includes proper transitions, and connects points to thesis (5)
● Uses formal, academic language and grammatical structures (10)
APA Formatting and Sources
● Follows paper formatting guidelines for APA, including cover page (5)
● Follows APA in-text citation and references guidelines (10)
● The source material is credible and academic (10)
Please note.

  • In academic writing, the following style points will deduct from the marking:
  • Dummy subjects (there is, it is)
  • Unnecessary use of Passive Voice
  • Pronouns (I me we us you your; unsupported ambiguous pronouns this, that
  • Rhetorical cheerleading: (I believe I think I feel, clearly, obviously, etc)

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