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For this activity, you will begin preparation for the Resume and Cover Letter (RCL) assignment by selecting and analyzing a job advertisement or description for a particular graduate or professional program you will pursue for this assignment.
Applying for graduate school at the University of George Washington Business School
II. Requirements

  1. A current, active job announcement/graduate program description: Not a job to which you have already applied or currently hold.
  • Job descriptions should be appropriate for someone with the credentials listed on your resume, with the exception of an undergraduate degree – in other words, you may choose job descriptions that require bachelor’s degrees. You may not choose job descriptions that require PhDs, JDs, ten years of work experience, or other requirements well beyond your current achievements.  While ideally you will choose an opportunity you might actually want to apply to, in the end, this is an exercise,  make sure you adhere to the requirements given to you.


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