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Criminal homework help

This Written Response Assessment requires you to complete your own research in your area of interest on diversion, reentry, probation and parole, and rehabilitation treatment programs. Please note the specific requirement for each response.
Submission Length: 4 prompts with responses ranging from 4–6 paragraphs in length
Professional Skills: Information Literacy and Interpreting Data & Quantitative Fluency are assessed in this Competency.
Your paper is much too short.  You did not follow the directions for this assignment.  You need to describe specific programs.  Your discussion is two general.  You need to discuss a specific diversion program, such as drug courts.  You need to discuss specific reentry program, such as cognitive programing.  You need to discuss a specific probation program, such as day reporting centers.  You need to summarize studies that show that these programs are effective.  What is the evidence that they are effect?  Your paper is much too short. You did not describe a domestic violence progam.


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