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Looking at the big picture, researchers
proposed a digitalization of businesses and many calls it the 4th Industrial Revolution. You will
find many references to Industry 4.0 from researchers, consulting firms, and practitioners alike.
That is the theme of this final paper. Select an industry that closely interests you (e.g.,
Agriculture, Banking, Retail, Health Care, Hospitality), and research and discuss how Industry
4.0 will drastically change it. The general structure of the report is as follows:
1. An introductory section about Industry 4.0, providing context for your report.
2. A description and discussion of how Industry 4.0 will affect the industry you selected as
a theme. This should be the bulk of your report.
3. The opportunities and challenges ahead for business implementing Industry 4.0
principles and technologies.
4. A conclusion section (with your takeaway from the discussion).
To write this report you will need to cover at least the following:
1. Your report must adhere to APA formatting;
2. You must research at least 5 recent (i.e., less than 5 years) peer-reviewed articles.
Exceptionally, highly regarded industry sources (e.g., IBM, Oracle, SAP, McKinsey,
Accenture, Deloitte, Capgemini) will be accepted;
3. Other than APA formatting, the structure for the paper is not fixed, as long as there is
a logical flow of ideas. The length of the paper is 5-6 pages


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